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Olympic Wings

 Our paragliding center Olympic Wings was established in 1995 and is a professionally run paragliding school and flying holiday operator, located in the village Neos Panteleimonas, directly at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Our paragliding school is approved by the Greek Paragliding Association – ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΑΕΡΑΘΛΗΤΙΚΗ ΟΜΟΣΠΟΝΔΙΑ – EL.A.O., which is associated to the World Airsports Association – Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – FAI.

Olympic Wings paragliding center is 5-star certified by APPI – Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors. We offer paragliding courses & workshops, examinations & licenses for pilots, tandem pilots and instructors who wish to qualify by the international APPI standards and education system.


Olympic Wings is a fully licensed tour operator by the Greek National Tourism Organisation EOT, we organize and book all touristic services for your holiday – just relax, enjoy and fly!


Our team


Come & fly with us!






Stelios the leader and founder of Olympic Wings is a fully qualified FAI paragliding instructor, a certified APPI master instructor and member of it’s pedagogical committee. Also a former competition pilot he is widely known for his exceptional knowledge of the local flying conditions and his competent guiding skills. He studied economics in Bath UK and is a licensed tour operator manager with longtime experience in the tourism industry.










Claudia is a DHV certified pilot, licensed by ELAO and APPI instructor. She started with paragliding in 1991 in Germany. During her studies of Chemistry at the university of Freiburg she flew in the Alps and in France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. She joined Olympic Wings in 1995. Her education as travel agent gives her the background for the office management and tour operator business tasks at Olympic Wings. She speaks fluent German, English and Greek.










Katerina is a pilot and has been following the Olympic Wings action since a very young age, grew up among pilots and paragliding, flying tandem from the age of 7 years old. She studied tourism and has professional experience in the fields of tourism, international trade and logistics. She is billingual, fluent in Greek and English also speaks German and un peu de francais!








Our philosophy is “FLY HIGH – FLY SAFE and always LAND GENTLY” and that is how we run our center and paragliding school.


Greece & Mount Olympus

Greece is a traditional holiday destination, well-known for it’s endless beaches, thousands of islands, historic monuments, fascinating lifestyle and Greek cuisine.


The unique nature and landscapes this country provides is best discovered by the air. We take you to different flying areas in the highest mountain regions of Greece as well as to beautiful coastal sites near the sea.


Another matter close to our heart is the preservation of our natural environment and the rich local traditions and culture of the area. We hope to be able to open your eyes to the beauty of nature in our region.





Mount Olympus, Ossa and Pieria mountain are located directly next to the Aegean Sea and just 100 km south of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece.

The highest peak of the Olympus mountain range, the seat of the mythological Greek Gods is 2918 m high, rising directly from the coastal plains of the Aegean Sea. This imposing contrast between mountains and the sea does not only fascinate nature lovers but it also offers several great flying sites.

The landscapes and micro-climatic zones provide ideal conditions for flying enthusiasts – from beginners to experienced pilots – all year round.



We want to invite you to spend your flying holiday with us
improve your thermalling, cross country or tandem skills
enjoy the Greek hospitality and have lots of fun!


Paragliding Holidays

Fly with us over the highest peaks of Mount Olympus and land on amazing beaches at the endless coasts of the Aegean Sea.


Our paragliding instructors stand at your side at any time to secure your flying.


You will stay in family-owned hotels or luxurary hotel resorts with excellent service and friendly hosts.


All year round we have paragliding schools, clubs, groups of friends and individual flyers visiting and flying with us from all over the world.


We fly more than 15 different take off and landing areas in the region of Mount Olympus.




Flying Safaris

We arrange the itinerary of our Flying Safaris flexible and combine two or three regions of Greece, depending on the duration of your holiday and according to the daily weather conditions with accommodation close to the flying sites .

In South Greece we will fly on the peninsula of Peloponnese and around Agrinion with Embessos, Mesolongi, Varassova and Attiki, West Greece offers great flights in the Pindos Mountain range and the Island Lefkada.


In North Greece we visit Falakro Mountain near Drama city, Mount Olympus and Kaimaktsalan close to Edessa, Central Greece offers flights on top of Delphi with its oracle, Amfiklia at Mount Parnassos and Mouzaki near the famous Meteora Monasteries.




Paramotor Holidays

Olympic Wings organizes for paramotor pilots – friends, clubs and schools – paramotor holidays in Greece.


Enjoy the relaxing flying along the endless coastline of the Olympic Riviera.


Impressive views from the beach at the Aegean Sea towards the massive of Mount Olympus with its highest peaks, fly around the castle of Platamonas and on top of the Pinios river delta.


Improve your technical skills with easy take-off and landing conditions in the laminar sea breeze .








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