Katerina from the Olympic Wings team training Paragliding & Rescue parachute check


Olympic Wings marks the know-how in paragliding equipment quality control delivered from Mcc Aviation for the optimal safety, performance and recovery in flight.

Katerina from the Olympic Wings team training at glider check and rescue parachute check repack at the Mcc Aviation atelier in Switzerland.



“Your hands and your eyes are the best tools” quote of Mr Alexander Paux.


Hands on workmanship and the just combination of material technical standards and actual in flight responses of the paragliding equipment are skills acquired with insight, experience and consistency.


The study approach of gliders as flying machines allows pilots and tuning masters to advantage of a glider’s strengths so much as of it’s weaknesses.


Canopies, risers, suspension lines and overall glider design are truly developing by the moment and now produce a numeric web of information that can be deciphered and put in use by few and very knowledgable people.


A trustworthy practical methodology that takes you from A to Z with a natural feel of the fabrics will teach and reveal the faults and best potentials of the gliders and equipment.


Paraglider checks should be held the least once a year or times separating seasons in a year to follow the natural fatigue of the materials from the environment.
The paragliding equipment becomes safe and the pilots feel the difference in flight behaviour.


Parachute check should also be held once a year to maintain the materials in the expected condition further most important to foresee and justify every split second of the parachute release time.
The ultimate goal is to shorten the time it takes for the parachute to open with ergonomic precision and reliability.
Every second counts.



Special gratitude to the Mcc Aviation team and friends.


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