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Paragliding holidays in the sun at Mount Olympus with Mimmo and pilots from Italy

Mimmo and friends from Italy – paragliding holidays with culinary experience

Mimmo and his pilots from Italy – Lago Maggiore & Florence – visited us in November 2014 at Mount Olympus.

They enjoyed great flights with thermaling at Kalivia, beach landings with swimming in the sea from the take-off Little Church and smooth sunset flights at Mount Olympus.

An unique culinary experience were grilled lamb on spies and fresh fish on pine wood fire in a mountain taverna. A days excursion to the famous Meteora Monasteries and a visit of the archaeological site Vergina were the touristic highlights.

Raina and his tandem pilots from Fly2 – April 2013


Paragliding Holidays with Olympic Wings – Flugschule Chiemsee in March 2013

In the middle of March 2013 the paragliding school Chiemsee visited us for a week holiday with a lot of interesting paragliding flights in Greece. Petra and Wolfgang guided the group of their pilots with passion, they have been here at Olympic Wings already several years ago and know our area well.




Paragliding Holidays at Mount Olympus – Rüdiger and his friends in March 2013


In the first week of March 2013 Rüdiger, Michael, Karl-Peter, Edgar, Daniel and Jürgen came to fly with us at Mount Olympus.


The pilots could fly almost every day in a fascinating scene from different take-offs. They enjoyed flights from the Little Church with landings at the beach after soaring the castle, thermalling from Kalivia with take offs at 1550 and 1250 m just below the snow of the highest peaks of Mount Olympus, just have a look at the pictures!




Paragliding School Göppingen with Klaus & Claudia – November 2012


The group of Flugschule Göppingen spent a great time in the beginning of November at Mount Olympus with thermal flights from the different sites around Mount Olympus.


An excursion to the worldfamous Meteora Monasteries with some flying at the hills of Farkadona on the way towards the monasteries and a trip to the hot baths of Aridea for relaxation were other highlights of the holiday.


Thank you for the beautiful pictures: Klaus Irschik & Mark Schlüter



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