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XC Seminar with Michael Nesler and Gudrun Oechsl

Long Distance Flying ..

The ultimate Endeavor of the modern Pilot 

02.06  to  09.06.2018   Mount Olympus   Greece
Cross Country XC seminar for paragliding pilots 

with Michael Nesler & Gudrun Oechsl


This XC seminar aims to allow the progression of paragliding pilots to perform better at long distance flying by receiving up-to-date knowledge and usefull guidance.


XC seminar topics:  
  • Tips to help you climb fast and efficiently
  • Tips & guidance for take off techniques with stronger wind
  • The importance of preparing your gear & how to adjust your harness correctly
  • Insights into paragliding design – What does the modern design features mean to the XC pilot
  • In-depth guides to flying the flatlands and mountains
  • Skills and tactics to help you fly bigger cross country distances
  • Advice to keep you safe while flying near clouds and terrain
  • Straight-forward illustrations to help you maximize flying conditions
  • Simple explanations of diverse wind and thermal flow patterns and structures
  • Psychological techniques to help you perform at your best
  • Introduction and establishment of pilot levels
  • Review of pilot equipment
  • Area briefing and weather
  • Daily tasks and group flights with radio
  • Daily debrief on individual and group basis
  • Final assessment and summary
about Michael Nesler & Gudrun Oechsl:


Michael Nesler, born in Italy, an FIVL and Austrian Aeroclub paragliding instructor since 1987 further a SIV instructor, a well known acrobatics pilot and instructor, also a pioneer glider designer.

Designer for : AFM, Bicla, Edel, Eiffel, Freestyle, Icaro, Independence, Firebird, Fun-Air, Kimfly, Perché, Profly, Wings of Change and more.


Till this day he passed over 250 homologation tests successfully, designed and tested by himself over 1000 glider prototypes!


Gudrun Oechsl is a DHV lisenced paragliding instructor and SIV instructor, test- and approval pilot for DHV the german paragliding authority, photographer, author and marketing specialist.

Michael and Gudrun are active members of the PROFLY – Professional Flying Team – with Michael as the founder of this venture in 2002. Together with a team of very capable instructors they offer exclusive and individual permormance flying camps and safety trainings for advanced pilots.



They have published significant books on paragliding as well as several articles in the international paragliding press.


Most important Michael is a gifted computer programmer who has custom written and developed 3-D modeling and manufacturing software for flexible membrane structures, such as paragliders and parachutes. He has designed ram air inflated wings ranging from student canopies to award-winning competition paragliders, and holds several patents of ram-air wings.


A great contribution to paragliding among his achievements is the computer program he developed specifically for paraglider design. It was initially created in 1986 on an IBM 8086 and had been continuously developed since then. It is the most used computer program for paraglider design, available now for Silicon Graphics platforms and for balloon and foil-kite development.
Some of the companies known to be using this software are: Area, Swing, Madreiter, SOL, Edel, UP Europe, AFM, Paratech, Independence, Perche, and Atair Aerodynamics.





We are excited to see them in Greece, at Mount Olympus, flying with us and sharing their knowledge and experience with us in a refreshing way that will motivate us to fly better & further.


Mount Olympus is the highest mountain range in Greece with its highest peak Mytikas at 2.917 m. The south western area of the mountain has fantastic cross country and thermalling conditions. The large flatland area of Thessaly towards the south offers a big potential for open distance and triangle XC flights. A challenging flight is the cross country towards the Aegean Sea on the eastern side of Olympus with a beach landing.    


The main take-off for the XC seminar is located on the western side of Mount Olympus, on top of the village Kalivia. It is called Tourtofolia and provides take-off directions towards west, south and east at a height of 1.250 m. Several paragliding and hanggliding competitions up to world cup level have been organized here already.  


Alternative take-offs nearby are KEOAX, Elassona, Kalipefki.





Olympic Wings organizes the XC seminar at Mount Olympus and offers accommodation and all transfers during the flying days for the pilots taking part at the seminar.  

All necessary retrievals from XC flights are included in the transfers.  

The pilots accommodation is located in the area close to the flying site with short drives to the take-off.  


You can book the XC seminar together with your accommodation and transfers directly through Olympic Wings.  


For bookings and any further information please contact us.  

Olympic Wings
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tel.: +30-23520-41741  
Stelios mobile: +30-6942215980    

Events & Specials 2017

Paragliding XC seminar Bruce Goldsmith June 2016 by Olympic Wings

Olympic Wings, paragliding seminar for cross-country flying, with Bruce Goldsmith and the participation of pilots from all over the world.

It was an incredible week of June with great flying, every day for everyone!


Stelios and Claudia XC seminar Bruce Goldsmith Paragliding with Olympic Wings Mt. Olympus GreeceBruce Goldsmith XC seminar Paragliding with Olympic Wings Mt. Olympus Greece


The Olympic Wings team would like to thank each of the pilots for their fantastic cooperation, joyful mood and responsible flying.


A real pleasure to fly together with all of you fine people!


Bruce Goldsmith once again performed excellent, a real inspiration with guiding knowledge. 

XC tips and facts that he shared with the pilots, building their confidence on new design gliders and flight technique!



Theory sessions indoors with digital material and simulations. Equipment check and adgustment, at the meeting point under the trees. Fun rambling and a mixture of really good gliders and gear!


Daily scouting of the gentle giant, the Mount Olympus range, as it became our flying playfield.


Flights from Ossa mountain, crossing the Tembi valley with views of the Aegean sea that ended in the Karya plateau to a great feast and talks of clouds & convergence.


Flights above the Thessaly flatlands, crossing Olympus flights and landings on the beach with a table set next to the sea for another lovely meal.

Paragliding XC seminar Bruce Goldsmith with Olympic Wings Mt. Olympus Greece



Pilots from Greece, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Romania, Switzerland, India, Singapore and the US came together and took back home smiles, friends and flying experiences.


Impressive videos amongs the clouds, beautiful pictures of the skies, further the people and nature of early summer life.

Ο Όλυμπος παγκόσμιο επίκεντρο αιωροπτερισμού

Όλυμπος και Αλεξίπτωτο Πλαγιάς αρθρογραφία της
XC paragliding seminar Olympic Wings Mount Olympus Greece

XC paragliding seminar Olympic Wings

Στο επίκεντρο του παγκόσμιου αεραθλητικού ενδιαφέροντος βρέθηκε τις προηγούμενες μέρες ο Όλυμπος τον οποίο επέλεξαν ως την ιδανική τοποθεσία 23 εκπαιδευτές αιωροπτερισμού από όλο τον κόσμο για να πραγματοποιήσουν τεχνικό σεμινάριο αλεξίπτωτου πλαγιάς (παραπέντε).

Εκπαιδευτές από τις ΗΠΑ, την Αγγλία, τη Γαλλία, τη Γερμανία, την Ινδία αλλά και τη Σιγκαπούρη, βρέθηκαν στον Όλυμπο , προκειμένου να συμμετάσχουν σε μία συγκέντρωση  παγκόσμιας εμβέλειας, αναφορικά με τις τελευταίες εξελίξεις στον χώρο του αθλήματος, την ανταλλαγή εμπειριών αλλά και τη διερεύνηση των προοπτικών που διανοίγονται για τη διοργάνωση αγώνων διεθνούς βεληνεκούς στο βουνό των θεών και των μύθων.

Olympic Wings XC Course with Bruce Goldsmith – Amazing Olympus!

Olympic Wings XC Seminar – Cloud Surfing by Bruce Goldsmith

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