Paragliding Equipment Service


Olympic Wings takes care of your paragliding equipment!



As a paragliding center & school our instructors have years of experience with various paragliding equipment, gliders reserves harnesses and instruments, seen and worked with for over 20 years while actively involved and flying with pilots from all over the world of different levels and category gliders. 


Constantly renewing our own gliders and school equipment for our student pilots and tandem flying we stay updated in line with the progress in design and technology as it continues to progress by the paragliding gear production companies.

We evolve with the sport to reach our first important goal that is  safety,  followed by  performance.

Katerina member of the Olympic Wings team was specially trained at Sky Paragliders main factory unit in Czech Rep after a primary educational visit at MCC Aviation in Switzerland. Thus earning:


A trustworthy practical methodology that takes you from A to Z with a natural feel of the fabrics will teach and reveal the weaknesses and best potentials of the gliders and overall equipment.

Hands on experience with glider check, common intermediate level repairs and reserve rescue parachute packing.

A broad span of information regarding the materials  and technical applications in paragliding.



Effectively taught the meticulous procedures of accesing and enhancing glider performance along with the importance of the necessary caution when caring for paragliding equipment so they remain trustworthy flying tools to the pilot.



We can easily decorate your glider with your company or sponsor logo moreover fun flying designs.
Let us know what you want, your idea or select from available designs, and we can prepare the pattern as more make a perfect fit to your gliders.

Depending on the glider you wish to stamp we provide the markings that are carefully stuck to the bottom or upper surface of the glider and will last for you the longest of time!

Available Glider Designs

Glider check – Canopy, Suspension lines & Risers

  Porosity test of the  glider  canopy  cloth, of 3 to 5 different points of the canopy will show the condition of the material as to its airworthyness.

Ultimately the ability of the glider to keep it’s original flight profile and properties the wing was designed to fly by.

Circumstance and natural fatigue of the cloth and/or the coating due to use, enviromental exposure, storage and built will eventually affect the inflation, re-inflation behavior and glide in flight of your paraglider.


Most small tears and holes on the top or bottom surface as much as on the inside ribs and lining can be easily sealed and prevented from escalading to sustain the glider.
When necessary small parts or larger can be replaced with new pieces of cloth best directly from the factory as they will be the exact genuine match.


  Risers  visual  check  for secure stiching and that trim / speed / big ears systems kept in working order. When necessary every component part can be replaced from plastic stops and nylon speed system lines to rollys and carabiners.
Carabiners should always seal correctly.


   Suspension lines – line connections – line attachments  are  thoroughly  checked  of their condition, sustainability and functionality.

The gliders lines simply change through time, naturally and by use, ultimately leading to changes in the behavior, control and safety of the glider.
The glider is trimmed by measuring and adjusting the lines symmetry in accordance to the manufacturer’s set length measurements and allowances.
Lines when necessary can easily be replaced.

Common symptoms of a glider that has lost the design lines scheme are:
*Problems at inflating the glider on take off
*Problematic re-inflation after collapses
*Difficulty in stearing, tendency to fly toward either side
*The glider may become slower or more sensitive to collapses and stall

Paraglider checks should be held the least once a year or times separating seasons in a year to follow the use & natural fatigue of the materials from the environmental elements.
The paragliding equipment becomes safe and the pilots feel the difference in flight behavior.


More information about Materials & Applications

Reserve Rescue Parachute

In all matters concerning reserve rescue parachutes it is best to take directions and data as given from the manufacturer, for all reserve parachute design types ( round, square-round, rogallo heart shaped).


All reserves have a specified unique serial number, production and expiration date, moreover need to be re-opened, checked, aired, re-packed and re-fitted in a controlled dry enviroment frequently always following manufacturer instructions to the letter.


In numbers…
*The life span of an average paragliding reserve parachute is 10 years.
  Extention of 5 years may be given after qualifying to a porosity test and lines complete renewal.
*Obligatory to guarantee its function is a precautional check and unpack/repack of the reserve the least frequent every 2 years.
*Usage allowance is described in a total of 25 re-packs or 5 SIV deployments in respect to the parachute being in water.


Overall the endurance of the reserve parachute materials is strong however caution to its maintenance and pack fitting is very important to make sure it will open and fast.




Reserves – Important & Useful knowledge







 Olympic Wings‘ Katerina educational visit Mcc Aviation Switzerland

 February 2016


 Olympic Wings‘ Katerina training at Sky Paragliders Czech Republic

 August 2016

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