Olympic Wings is a paragliding school officially associated to the Greek Paragliding Federation EL.A.O.

The Greek Federation in turn is associated to the international FAI.


This means if you want to learn paragliding with us or do a specialty course your lessons will count towards your national licence.


We offer the following courses:


Olympic Wings is affiliated to APPI and offers paragliding courses which follow the APPI education system.



Beginner Lessons

By the end of the course you will have had lessons counting towards your international club pilot or pilot licence in:


  Theory lessons in

  • Equipment
  • Preparation for flying
  • Aerodynamics
  • Meteorology and micro meteorology
  • Dangerous situations



Practical lessons in

  • How to prepare the glider
  • Equipment and weather check
  • Ground control
  • Take-off
  • Flying
  • Controlled landings
  • Different approaches to landings
  • Flights with and without turns
  • Steering and breaking the glider



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Performance Course


In this course you will learn the following:

  • Big-Ears
  • B-Stall
  • Spiral Dive
  • Wing Overs
  • Backward launch
  • Strong wind take-off and landing techniques





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Thermalling & XC


Theory about

  • What are thermals
  • How they create and how to find them
  • How to fly safe in thermals
  • How to use thermals for X-Country


Practice about

  • Guided thermal flying and X-Country flying
  • Thermalling and X-Country techniques
  • Safety manouvers



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Tandem Paragliding


Tandem Beginner course:

  • Tandem take-off with passenger
  • Tandem landing with passenger
  • Tandem flying techniques with passenger


Tandem Advance course:

  • Big-Ears with passenger
  • B-Stall with passenger
  • Spiral Dive with passenger
  • Wing Overs with passenger
  • Backward launch with passenger
  • Strong wind take-off and landing techniques with passenger




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