Paragliding World Cup (PWC) Drama 2010

One of the Paragliding World Cup events was held in Drama in Greece from 19.06. to 26.06.2010. Drama is located in northern Greece at the foot of the mountain Falakro, information pills which is a well-known ski centre in the winter.

Drama is the most famous of the flying sites included in the Flying Safari Northern Greece, website which Olympic Wings organizes for groups of pilots, illness flying clubs and schools. During this safari the pilots fly in different interesting areas of Northern Greece: Edessa, Mount Olympus, Nymphaion are on the schedule of the two weeks program.

The PWC headquarters, main camping facilities for the pilots and all well-coming and price-giving ceremonies were based in the village Petroussa, just 12 km away from the city of Drama.

Petroussa is already for the second time host of the Paragliding World Cup (pre-PWC in 2008) and the locals are very hearty with an extraordinary hospitality.

The local organization from Drama Airclub Aiolos with its president Ioannis Ioannidis proved again its success through high flexibility and of course the personal commitment of the locals.

We as guest pilots were impressed by the camping facilities at the football yard with free access, water, electricity, laundry and Wifi.

There are several flying sites around Drama, but the one used for the every day PWC tasks is located on top of the village Petroussa, offering besides a large take-off and landing good thermal and xc conditions.

The weather during this PWC was not the one Drama is famous for, though the competition pilots flew tasks up to 76,1 km.

More information about the tasks, photos and videos:

Here are the photos of the winners this week:

The womens podium from left to right: 2nd Keiko Hiraki (Japan / API Sky Asagiri) — 1st Seiko Fukuoka Naville (France / Les Passagers du Vent — 3rd Renata Kuhnova (Czech Republic).

The Open Podium: 2nd Jamie Messenger (U.K. / — 1st Thomas Brandlehner (Austria) — 3rd Luc Armant (France).

The team podium: 2nd Ozone — 1st Parapente Mag — 3rd Gin Team.

The first 20 open results:

1. Thomas BRANDLEHNER — AUT — Ozone Mantra R10.2

2. Jamie MESSENGER — GBR — Ozone Proto

3. Luc ARMANT — FRA — Ozone Mantra R10.2

4. Igor TODEVSKI – MKD — Ozone Mantra R10

5. Damien SEVREZ — FRA — Ozone Mantra R10.2

6. Jurij VIDIC — SVN — Ozone Mantra R10.2

7. Alexander SCHALBER – AUT — Ozone Mantra R10.2

8. Helmut EICHHOLZER — AUT — Ozone NONE

9. Mark HAYMAN — GBR — Ozone Mantra R10

10. Max JEANPIERRE – FRA — Gin Boomerang 7

11. Jeremie LAGER — FRA — Ozone Mantra R10

12. Daniel Alex CIUHANDU – ROM — Ozone Mantra R10

13. Andreas MALECKI — DEU — Ozone Mantra R

14. Urban VALIC — SVN — Niviuk Ice Peak

15. Charles CAZAUX – FRA — Ozone Mantra R10

16. Jean-Marc CARON — FRA — Niviuk Ice Peak 4

17. Jean-Baptiste BERLIOUX – FRA — Gin Boomerang 7

18. Ulrich PRINZ — DEU — Gin Boomerang 7

18. Michael SIGEL — CHE — Gin Boomerang 7

20. Christoph EDER – AUT — Ozone Mantra R10.2

Photo Impressions — Paragliding World Cup Drama 2010


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