Paramotor & Trike course with Skydance

Olympic Wings offers a Paramotor & Trike course with Skydance

April 2015 at the seaside of Mount Olympus in Greece.

12.04. & 13.04. advanced course
14.04. — 19.04. beginner training
advanced course topics & what we gonna do:
  • Groundhandling and I watch and film
  • I let them do a flight and I look what can be better or different
  • Starting and landing technique — strong wind and less wind
  • We will speak about the advantages of reflex wings and the pro and contra’s
  • Navigation task
  • Play element for testing the skills
  • General questions from the pilots


about Skydance Paramotorsport

Skydance is an officially recognized KNVvL paramotor school / flight school, website like this found from the beginning when the paramotor flying has become legal. So we provide complete training in the Netherlands and abroad, this web from beginner to the independent paramotor pilot. In addition to flying with a back motor, information pills we offer you the trike to fly too.


Jurg van der Vlies

I am 43 years old and fly paramotor and paragliding from 1998. In 2001 I started a paramotorschool in Holland and was the chairman of the Dutch Paramotor Association for 3 years — in the time that the paramotorsport started to become legal in Holland. So I was at the craddle of the sport from the beginning here.
I did train more then 400 paramotor pilots in Holland. Also I trained the first 4 paramotor pilots in Suriname, South America and took part to educate the first paramotor trike pilot in Norway as well.
I followed SIV courses, have my first aid certification and I fly also delta trikes and boats.
2 years ago I followed a course of the world champion Pascal Vallee and from that moment I started to train more experienced pilots — also because there was a need for it.

4 years ago I gave up paragliding and my job to follow my heart and went into the paramotor scene as a professional.



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