Записи с меткой «церквушка»

Paragliding beginner course Holidays for Lee Dave and students at Mount Olympus in Greece with Olympic Wings

Beginner student paragliding pilots go from the training hills to 1.500 m take off in an incredible flying week with Olympic Wings. 

Very proud of our own student Mr. Dimitris, who is now a new paragliding pilot. 


Jean Stephane upgrade their flying skills & Noel learns to paraglide with Olympic Wings — Paragliding holidays at Mount Olympus Greece

New pilots week Lee Dave and their students training at Mount Olympus Beginner course paragliding holidays in Greece with Olympic Wings

Yvonne and happy pilots enjoy flying in the sun — Paragliding holidays in Greece with Olympic Wings at Mt Olympus

Fantastic week for Ueli Chris Christo Lee and Pilots Fun in the sun Flying high in the sky at Mount Olympus — Paragliding holidays with Olympic Wings in Greece

Lee and Dave instructors training their students qualify pilots at Mount Olympus Greece — Paragliding Beginner course holidays with Olympic Wings

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